What To Expect On Our Machu Picchu Tour

A man posing in front of Machu Picchu ruins in Peru with trees shown in the background.

Once home to the ancient Incans, Machu Picchu was declared a historical sanctuary by UNESCO for its cultural significance to the natives of Cusco and nearby areas. It has over 200 structures that were built keeping in mind the spiritual and political needs of the time, most of which still stand today.

If you’ve always wanted to go on a Machu Picchu tour with your loved ones, here’s a short blog to acquaint you with what to expect.

Pick Up From Cusco To Ollantaytambo Train Station

Your journey will include a trip to the Ollantaytambo train station from Cusco, where you will board the train with our team to get to Machu Picchu Town. This train journey will have many exciting views for you to take in; subtropical valleys, Altiplanicas zones, and much more.

Bus Trip To Inca Site

Once we reach Machu Picchu Town, our team members will set you up to take a 30-minute bus ride to reach the Inca Site. This is where our tour guides will facilitate your guided tour.

Guided Tour Of Machu Picchu/ Hike To Huayna Picchu

For two hours, you’ll get to explore the ancient city of the Incas and ask questions from our tour guides. You’ll get to learn about important historical events that took place here and also acquaint yourself with local practices and rituals.

Our Machu Picchu tour also contains an option to hike up to Huayna Picchu. So if you opted for this, our tour guides will show you the gate from where the hike will start. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch the most spell-binding view of Machu Picchu and its surrounding mountains and valleys, so you can also take pictures when you reach the top.

Lunch In Machu Picchu Town

On your way down, our team will have arranged a scrumptious lunch for you in Machu Picchu Town. You’ll get to try indigenous foods and engage with the locals before taking the train back to Ollantaytambo and finally reaching Cusco.

The peak of Machu Picchu is shown with clouds covering the mountain peaks, and Incan ruins with trees and grass down low.

Our Machu Picchu Tour by train is a day packed with history, culture, and food unlike you’ve ever encountered before. We also conduct various tours to the Rainbow Mountains, as well as the Sacred Valley, Ausangate Mountains, the Humantay Lagoon, and several others.

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