What Your Four-Day Lares Trek Will Look Like

A blue lake between several mountains that have fallen snow on them.

Are you struggling with bad writer’s block that doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon? What you need is a break from your regular life to jolt some creativity back into your mind. And what better way to take a vacation than to explore nature’s beauty yourself?

Hiking and trekking can be incredibly good for your body and mind. Here’s how our four-day Lares trek can improve your mood and rid you of your creative blocks.

Day 1: Cusco-Lares-Huaca Wasi

After a nice breakfast overlooking the Andes, our tour guides and trekking experts will take you to our campsite in Huaca Wasi. This hike will be around 3 hours long and accompanied by storytelling about the locals and their various industries, i.e., textiles, agriculture, etc.

Day 2: Huaca Wasi- Huaca Punku- Mantanay- Yanahuara

On the next day, our tour guides will trek with you for an additional three hours to get you to Huacarpunku. This is a magical place where you can look at the most stunning waterfalls, lagoons, and wildlife. But don’t worry if you get tired; there are horses to carry you around!

After lunch in front of lagoon Yurac Q’ocha, our tour guides will take you to enjoy the sights of the forest of Q’euñas before making camp at Yanahuara for the night.

Day 3: Yanahuara-Mirador De Yanahuara- Ollantaytambo

On day three of your four-day Lares trek, you’ll be walking downhill and meeting with locals who are busy making Chicha, which is a traditional Incan beverage. You’ll see many fruits and vegetables in this area as the locals of the Sacred Valley primarily farm in this region.

Day 4: Machu Picchu-Ollantaytambo-Cusco

Your four-day Lares trek comes to its last day when you finally enter Machu Picchu. You’ll be given a tour of the Inca Citadel, after which you’re free to wander around, explore the area and take pictures. Once the trek comes to a close, our tour guides will take you to Ollantaytambo via train and back to Cusco via bus.
A blue body of water nestled between mountain peaks in all directions that are covered in vegetation. Want to explore the wonders of our four-day Lares trek? Your journey will be much more enjoyable and informative with our expert tour guides at Rainbow Mountain Expeditions, who can accompany you on hikes and treks across the region.

You’ll also learn about the history and significance of Machu Picchu and its hidden gems. Get in touch today and book your trekking vacation as soon as possible!


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