The Rainbow Mountains 2-day Trek provides breathtaking views of the Peruvian Andes. Guided by one of our expert rainbow mountain trip local guides, you will enjoy an incredible night among some of the brightest stars you have ever seen.

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Our Rainbow Mountain 2-Day Trek provides breathtaking views of the Peruvian Andes. Guided by one of our expert local tour guides, you will enjoy an incredible night among some of the brightest stars you have ever seen and breathtaking views of the Milky Way galaxy.

In terms of the route taken, the Rainbow Mountains Trek links part of the Ausangate Mountain circuit, which will take you off the beaten track. This is an adventure that will take your breath away constantly, combining wild desert landscapes, glaciated peaks, rushing rivers, and challenging mountain passes.

One major advantage of touring with us is that we get you away from the crowds where everything seems untouched and undiscovered.With our experiencedtour guides, you can escape the ordinary as we guide you away from bustling crowds to pristine, undiscovered realms. This way, you’ll get to immerse yourself in untouched landscapes, offering an authentic experience that goes beyond the beaten path.

The Rainbow Mountain Trek involves hikes through many high elevations. It is a high-altitude experience. We highly recommend that you spend a few days in Cusco before the trek to avoid altitude sickness.

We operate the Trek in small groups. Do take a moment to check our reviews on TripAdvisor.


On the first day of your Rainbow Mountain adventure, we’ll pick you up from your hotel bright and early at 4:00 am. From there, we’ll hit the road for about three hours to reach the trailhead. It’s an early start, but the excitement of the journey ahead will make it all worthwhile!. While we gather our gear nearby, our talented chef will be whipping up a hearty breakfast to fuel your forthcoming hike. Our knowledgeable guides will brief you on the day’s itinerary and impart essential safety tips to ensure your readiness for the next two days of exploration.

As you step into the vast green valley, get ready for a breathtaking sight! You’ll see hundreds of alpacas peacefully grazing next to local farmers, all with the stunning Ausangate Mountain towering in the background. It’s a scene that perfectly captures the beauty of nature and local life in harmony. This is just a taste of the wonders awaiting you on your journey ahead!

As you keep hiking along the trail, you’ll face your first big challenge: the Pucacocha pass. This pass stands tall at about 16,000 feet (4876 meters) above sea level. Once you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of Pucacocha Lake and the surrounding scenery. It’s a tough climb, but the views make it totally worth it! the imposing Ausangate Mountain looming before you. After a successful climb to the top, we’ll take a break for a well-deserved lunch. It’s the perfect time to refuel and recharge our energy for the rest of the trek. Trust me, you’ll need it!

Our evening sanctuary awaits in Anata, where you’ll bask in the breathtaking scenery at the foothills of the Andes Mountains. As the sun sets, we’ll set up a cozy dining tent with chairs to create a relaxing atmosphere. It’s the ideal setting for some good food and great company while dinner is being prepared. Tonight, get ready for an incredible show in the sky! We’ll be treated to a starry night filled with constellations and shooting stars, making it a truly unforgettable experience. Warm your soul with fragrant coca tea or indulge in rich Peruvian hot chocolate crafted from the finest local ingredients. You definitely won’t want to miss this experience!

Lodging: Outdoor Camping Experience

Inclusive Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Distance Covered: 14 kilometers/ 8.7 miles

Altitude Range: From 4200 meters to 5000 meters

Estimated Hiking Duration: Approximately 5 to 6 hours


Today marks the highly anticipated highlight of your journey – the opportunity to behold the breathtaking Rainbow Mountain. Get ready for an early wake-up call between 4 am and 5 am. We’ll gently bring you a cup of coca tea right to your tent to help kickstart your day. The excitement in the air is contagious!. A hearty breakfast awaits, ensuring you’re energized for the final ascent to Vinicunca.

When you arrive at this natural wonder, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking 360-degree views that invite you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty all around you. Take a moment to soak in the stunning scenery and appreciate nature’s masterpiece. Every moment spent here feels truly magical.

Following your exploration of Rainbow Mountain, we embark on a leisurely one-hour descent to the captivating Red Valley, where the crimson-hued mountains and valleys await your admiration. From there, our journey leads us to Llacto, where a delicious lunch awaits and our transportation back to Cusco is ready.

The trip back to Cusco takes about three hours, giving us plenty of time to reflect on the day’s adventures. Depending on how long you choose to stay at Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley, we usually aim to get back to Cusco around 5 pm. It’s a good chance to relax and think back on all the amazing experiences we’ve had. Upon arrival, we’ll ensure you’re safely dropped off at your hotel, concluding a day filled with unforgettable memories of natural wonders and breathtaking vistas.

Inclusive Meals: Breakfast and Lunch Provided

Trail Distance: Covering 18 kilometers/ 11 miles

Altitude Range: We’ll be trekking between 5000 meters and 5200 meters before descending to 4200 meters.

Estimated Hiking Duration: Approximately 6 to 7 hours


  • Hotel pick-up arranged for the start of your trek
  • Exclusive transportation provided from Cusco to the Alqatarwi trailhead and back
  • Knowledgeable, English-speaking guide with extensive experience
  • Cozy tents accommodating two individuals within a four-person tent
  • Delicious meals outlined in the itinerary, with the option for vegetarian, vegan cuisine upon prior request
  • All necessary camping gear, including dining tent, tables, chairs, kitchen setup, and restroom facilities
  • Separate sleeping tent provided for our dedicated staff members
  • Comprehensive First Aid kit featuring an emergency oxygen bottle
  • Horses and skilled horsemen available for transporting equipment and personal belongings
  • Comfort items such as camping pillows and foam sleeping mattresses provided
  • Mules designated to carry up to 7 kilograms of your personal belongings, including extra clothing and sleeping bag
  • Boiled water accessible for both drinking and washing purposes
  • All applicable taxes included in the package


  • Pick up from hotels outside of Cusco
  • Dinner on the last day.
  • Tips for Guide,chef,and porters.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Fees to access private lands


  • Daypack, warm clothes (scarf, sweaters, rainjacket, gloves)
  • Walking boots.
  • Walking sticks
  • Rain poncho
  • Sun hat + sunglasses.
  • Toilet paper and hand sanitizer.