The tour from Cusco to Vinicunca Peru or Vinicunca from Cusco is one of the most popular full-day tours in Cusco. Experience the best of the Seven Color Mountains with a local English-speaking travel expert.

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Cusco to Vinicunca Peru – Vinicunca from Cusco

Visiting Rainbow Mountain Peru tops the wish list of many travelers in Cusco. In fact, Cusco to Vinicunca Peru is the second most chosen tour, after Machu Picchu in the Cusco region. That is why our trip to the Rainbow Mountains from Cusco is a unique and exciting experience for people from all over the world.

Known locally as Montaña de Siete Colores, the existence of Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain was unknown to people until early 2016, as it was covered by a blanket of snow. As the snow began to melt, colors gradually began to appear. Hence the name Vinicunca, Rainbow Mountains or Mountain of Seven Colors, since the mountain’s minerals created shades of gold, turquoise, red and lavender throughout the landscape. It soon got all the attention it deserved and became one of the most visited places in Cusco.

The colors of the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountains are formed by erosion, mineral conditions and sedimentary deposits. This is because the region is rich in hematite, copper, iron and sulfur, which gives the mountains their distinct marble colors.

While you’re on tour, our guides will also share the history and culture of the area, so feel free to ask questions and take photos along your trip. Your trip to the Rainbow Mountains from Cusco with our tour guide is one you will surely remember for years to come.

Our full-day trip to the Rainbow Mountains from Cusco is a high-altitude experience. The highest point of the hike is 5,200 meters (17,060 feet) above sea level. We strongly recommend that you spend at least two days in Cusco before the hike and acclimatize to avoid altitude sickness.

Best Time to Visit Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain from Cusco:

We operate tours from Cusco to Vinicunca Peru daily. Although the best time to visit the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountains is during the dry season, between March and November. You will be able to get a clear view of all the colors of the mountain under a clear blue sky.

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain Tour is one of our exclusive tours. We have a dedicated team that guides this tour to Vinicunca from Cusco. They are local mountaineers who are born and raised in the region.

On this full-day trip from Cusco, you will not only be impressed by the captivating views of the Peruvian mountain regions, but our local guides will also give you insight into Andean traditions and customs.

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Cusco a Vinicunca Perú – Vinicunca desde Cusco

Su recorrido épico de Cusco a Vinicunca Perú comienza con un traslado temprano en la mañana (04:00 a.m.) desde su hotel en la ciudad de Cusco.

Nos embarcaremos en un viaje de una hora y media hasta un pequeño pueblo andino llamado Cusipata. Nuestro vehículo está diseñado para ofrecerle el máximo confort. Así que puedes tomar una siesta para llegar fresco al comienzo del sendero.

En Cusipata, haremos una parada para desayunar. Aquí saboreará deliciosas comidas andinas en medio de los picos nevados.

Una vez listo, continuaremos conduciendo durante una hora hasta el comienzo del sendero en Chilliwani (4600 m/15160 pies). Nuestro experto local compartirá algunos consejos de seguridad mientras comenzamos nuestra caminata a Vinicunca Perú.

La caminata es algo desafiante. Si no estás seguro de hacer senderismo, siempre puedes alquilar un caballo. 

With each step closer to the summit, the mountains become aesthetically perfect. The sunrise invokes a new day. The natural magic of this hidden treasure exposes its treasures in bloom while the locals, llamas, alpacas, and the wild vicuñas, let you into their secret world. 

After two hours of climb, we will be conquering the summit of the iconic VINICUNCA RAINBOW MOUNTAIN. It stands at 5100m – 16700ft. 

You will be captivated by the views of the highest glacier in the Cusco region, Ausangate (6 375m 20,900ft).

You will have plenty of time at the summit to recover while enjoying your snack, taking pictures, and breathing the fresh Andean air while our local expert will be introducing you to the Andean mythology and will be explaining the prominence of the surrounding peaks. 

Once you have had your fill of the soaking views from the summit, we will gradually begin our descent. It normally takes about an hour and a half to get back to the trailhead. 

We will be having a brief stop in Cusipata for lunch before returning to Cusco City. We will be dropping you off by Plaza Kusipata by 0530 PM. 

  • Experienced and Professional Guide
  • Private Tourist Transportation
  • Pick up from Hotel in Cusco
  • Traditional Local Breakfast
  • Lunch Including Soup And Main Course With Cold And Hot Drinks Options
  • Hot and Cold Drinks
  • First Aid Kit
  • Oxygen Balloon
  • Alcoholic drinks and others not mentioned on the list
  • Dinner
  • Rain poncho (can be bought anywhere in the city or along the trail)
  • Entrance fee (30.00 soles per person)
  • Horses (optional)
  • Warm Clothing (Jacket, Sweater, Scarf, Gloves)
  • Rain Poncho
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Block
  • Hat for the cold
  • 1.5 Lt. of water to drink
  • Camera
  • Camcorder