5 of the Least Visited Places in Cusco


The city of Cusco in Peru makes for the most visited tourist destination in South America, with 1.5 million tourists visiting annually to view the World Heritage Site. If you’re planning to head to Cusco this holiday season, be sure to not miss these five lesser-known places in Cusco:

Marketplace in Cusco, Peru

1.  Cataract Perolyniyoc in the Sacred Valley

The charming town of Ollantaytambo buries within itself an imposing waterfall in the Sacred Valley — the Perolniyoc Waterfall awaits you at 3 hours of walk from the height of Socma.

2.  LAQ’O

An hour from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, you’ll find a panorama of tourist agencies, souvenir shops, and restaurants, transforming into an open field of nature. This is home to the mystic temple of the moon, a religious epicenter in Incas called Laq’o that can be visited free of cost.

3.  Ananiso Canyon

The Ananiso Canyon is located 124 kilometers to the south of Cusco, resting at an altitude of 4,200 meters about sea level. It crosses the Anansio River with a length of 3 kilometers and a depth of 10 meters. It takes about two hours to make it to the Warraq Pata viewpoint, known to be the best observation point to explore flora and fauna inside the canyon.

4.  Kinsa Cocha

Rumor has it, Kinsa Cocha is the closest you can get to being on the moon of a distant planet. A combination of mountains and three strange lagoons makes this point (4,500 meters above sea level) a natural jewel lying north of Pisac. The trail isn’t too challenging; you should be able to make it along the water with 3 hours of walking.

5.  Three Canyons of Suykutambo

The south of Cusco is where you’ll find the Three Canyons of Suykutambo, beautifully crafted by wind and water and protected by the walls of volcanic earth. This majestic landscape is known to change every hour with the shadows protected by massifs.

Rainbow Mountain of Love

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