How Can A Hike Up The Ausangate Improve Your Health?

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One of the most worshipped peaks of the Andes in Southern Peru is the Ausangate, the waters of which are considered sacred by the locals who’ve lived on the mountain’s hills for years. All year round, many visitors from across the world come to pay their respects and offerings to the mountain deities believed to have blessed this region.

That’s why Rainbow Mountain Expeditions offers a day hike up the Ausangate for tourists looking to explore this holy place. Here are some benefits of joining our hike.

Your Bones Will Get Stronger

One of the best ways to improve your bone density is to hike or trek in an upwards direction. Because the Ausangate stands at 18,400 feet above the sea, it offers a great hiking journey for people looking to maintain their health while on vacation.

You Can Sleep A Lot Better Afterwards

The hike up the Ausangate will tire you out in the best way possible, which will help to improve your sleep. This may look like falling asleep faster than you normally do, or it can also put you in deep sleep once you come back to rest for the night.

You’ll Experience A Better Mood Overall

Traversing across the Ausangate will significantly improve your mood, especially when you get to explore each of the lakes one by one. It’s hard to resist this place’s beauty, something that will instantly clear your head and fill it with wonder.

You Get To Engage With Local Culture

For centuries, the Ausangate has been home to the Quechua community that lives in the foothills of the mountain. On your hike up the Ausangate, you’ll get to see them go about their daily lives, practice some rituals, and also share their cuisine with you.

And there’s nothing to worry about because our expert tour guides will be with you at every step of this journey.
A large body of water that’s giving a reflection underneath the sunlight of the mountains that surround it.

To hike up the Ausangate, you’ll need experienced and knowledgeable tour guides to direct your journey. Luckily our experts at Rainbow Mountain Expeditions are well-versed in all hiking and trekking routes of the region and can also give you insight into the local cultures and traditions that have been part of this area for centuries.

Get in touch to learn more about our 1-day hike to the Seven Lakes.

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