Comparing The Rainbow And Palccoyo Mountains

A group of native Peruvian women is wearing traditional attires while sitting together at the edge of a cliff.

The Rainbow Mountains are a natural mystery that was uncovered sometime in the early 2010s and have since been an important tourist location for people from all over the globe. But did you know that there is a sister mountain range that’s almost identical to the Rainbow Mountains nearby?

These are the Palccoyo Mountains, located close to the Red River. Here is a quick comparison of the Rainbow and Palccoyo Mountains to help you decide which of the two you’d prefer to visit.

Are There Any Visual Differences?

If there’s one slight difference in the appearance of the Rainbow and Palccoyo Mountains, it’s that of their color intensity. The Rainbow Mountains are known for their intense, vibrant colors, including striking stripes of red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The colors are very vivid and create a surreal visual spectacle. In contrast, the Palccoyo Mountains, while still colorful, are often described as less dramatic in terms of their colors.

How Accessible Are Both The Mountain Ranges?

The Rainbow Mountains have grown significantly popular in recent years, resulting in larger crowds and better infrastructure. However, trekking here can be more challenging due to their elevation and rougher terrain.

The Palccoyo Mountains, on the other hand, are more accessible and offer a less demanding experience, making them a popular choice for travelers seeking a more relaxed adventure away from the crowds.

The Overall Experience

Given their popularity, the crowds visiting the Rainbow Mountains are much larger in comparison to the Palccoyo Mountains, which often reduces the feelings of tranquility and solitude. That’s why some of you might prefer trekking to the latter, as it has a less crowded atmosphere, allowing you to soak up the beauty of your surroundings. This can provide a more intimate and peaceful experience if you seek a closer connection with nature.

A girl wearing a red poncho stands on a hill in the Palccoyo Mountains in Peru. Traverse through the Rainbow and Palccoyo Mountains while engaging with the locals and taking pictures as you embark on a guided tour with Rainbow Mountain Expeditions. We also run several other tours to the Ausangate Mountain, Humantay Lake, and Machu Picchu, to name a few.

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