4 Exciting Sights To Look Forward To On Our Four Lakes Trek

A clear blue lake nestled between mountain hills.

This summer, embark on an extraordinary adventure to the heart of the Andean highlands, where ancient wonders and untouched landscapes await. Our Four Lakes Trek promises an unforgettable journey, revealing the hidden gems of Peru’s cultural and natural heritage.

From the enigmatic Inca Sites of Killarumiyoc and Tarawasi, steeped in spiritual significance and architectural brilliance to the quaint mountain valley of Chonto, there’s lots to take in! Here’s a detailed itinerary of our Four Lakes Trek!

Inca Site of Killarumiyoc – The Moon Temple

Our Four Lakes Trek begins with a visit to Killarumiyoc, commonly referred to as the Moon Temple, an enthralling Inca site. This archaeological treasure in the Anta Valley features intricately constructed stone dwellings that have endured the test of time.

Imagine the rites and ceremonies that previously took place on this hallowed site as you stand among the sacred remnants. The Moon Temple’s ambiance of tranquillity and mysticism will leave you in the wonder of Peru’s ancient civilizations’ rich cultural heritage.

Inca Site of Tarawasi – Ritual Place for Offerings

Our tour continues as we discover Tarawasi, another famous Inca site that had been a ritual offering location. Tarawasi, located in the charming village of Limatambo, tells a riveting story of Inca rites and respect for the natural environment.

Explore the cultural and historical context of this hallowed site, where traditional ceremonies were held to honor the deities and seek divine favors. Tarawasi’s stone constructions and ceremonial plazas provide insight into the spiritual practices and cultural ideas that shaped the Incas’ life.

Scenic Mountain Valley of Chonta

Prepare to be enchanted by the stunning sights of the Chonta mountain valley as you travel through the Puna highlands. The meandering dirt road brings you nearer to the Apurimac Canyon, exposing a tranquil landscape.

The magnificent vistas of mountains covered in snow, lush valleys, and flowing rivers provide an ideal backdrop for your trip, allowing you to experience the pristine splendor of the mountains of the Andes.

A person sitting on top of a hill overlooking a clear blue lake.

Condor Watching at the Lookout Point

The anticipation grows as we trek upwards, and the air becomes brimming with anticipation as we near the viewpoint point. Chonta is well-known for being a great place to see gorgeous condors in flight. Prepare to be amazed as these amazing birds take flight, gliding effortlessly across the skies.

Witnessing these divine creatures in their native habitat is an unforgettable experience that connects you with the untamed and unspoiled beauty of Peruvian birdlife.

After a long day of excitement, including time with the heavenly condors and full stomachs from a delectable lunch, we return to Chonta, where the driver will be ready to greet us. Our Four Lakes Trek concludes at 800 p.m. when we return to Cusco.

Visit our website to book your trek today and make the most of these wondrous sites! For more destinations and tours such as the Rainbow Mountain Tour, Red Valley Tour, and several others, get in touch!

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