3 Things to Know About Hiking the Lares Trek

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In a bid to divert some of the Inca Trail traffic to alternate routes, locals have started promoting the Valley of Lares as the next big route to the holy grail: Machu Picchu. The four-day Lares Trek is nothing short of wonderful, with plenty of ‘Gram-worthy views on the way.

Keep reading if you’re curious to know about the marvels of the valley.

1.    Not a Soul for Miles

Imagine walking on a path with only the sound of your footsteps for companions and stopping to feel the full impact of pin-drop silence. Then imagine looking up at the glorious ranges around you and feeling so small within such a grand scale. We would describe the feeling as equal parts terrifying and exhilarating.

Since the Lares trek is considered an ‘alternate route’, you won’t find as many people on this trek as you would on the more popular Inca Trail. If you prefer the sense of isolation and want to feel like the only person in the world, the LaresTrek is a sure-fire way to do it.

2.    The Night Sky is Jaw Droppingly Awesome

You haven’t seen the night sky until you’ve checked out the night, nay, starry sky in the Andes. Devoid of city lights and air pollution, the skies of these mountains are a milky galaxy replete with stars dotting a barely visible expanse.


It’s the sort of stuff that makes you want to leave your cozy tent only to gawp at the explosion of stars until either your neck starts hurting or you start feeling sleepy.

3.    The People Are Just as Beautiful

Peru’s native communities may not have had an easier time in the past, but they’re the country’s crown jewels in this day and age. These communities include the Quechua people who frequent and reside along the Lares trail, and let us tell you, they have more character than all the colors of the Rainbow Mountain combined.

Not only is the Quechuan language the most widely spoken Native American language in the world, but it’s also a majority language in Peru, with over a quarter of the population using the language.

The Quechuan people also have a rich weaving culture, evident in the handcrafted blankets and clothes they create from dyed llama, alpaca, and sheep wool. Their musical, culinary, and fashion prowess is epically diverse and deserves its blog.

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