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Step on a magical and memorable journey that combines: Century-old sites that hold a lot of history behind them; local markets full of life; captivating and peaceful villages. Come along and discover the secrets of this sacred land of the Incas on our guided tours. Opening the door to its secrets and mystique. Connect with the history and vibrant culture of the Sacred Valley as you journey through its historical treasures and cultural heritage.

Take a memorable trip through the Sacred Valley with us, where the ancient Inca civilization’s legacy comes alive around every corner. Start your quest at the captivating Pisac ruins, with terraces gently descending the mountainside. Presenting you with the grandeur of the valley as it unfolds beneath. Afterward, head to the mysterious circular terraces of Moray, considered to be an Inca agricultural research site. Experience the unique culture of Misminay as you share a meal with the locals, immersing yourself in their customs and traditions. Marvel at the Maras Salt Mines, an ancient marvel where salt has been harvested for centuries. Next on the itinerary is the incredible Inca site of Ollantaytambo, where you’ll have the chance to explore sacred temples, astronomical marvels, and ancient storehouses. Afterwards, we’ll visit the Chinchero textile centers to witness firsthand their traditional dyeing and weaving methods. With expert guides leading the way, this journey promises to be a captivating exploration of history, culture, and natural beauty in the heart of the Andes.


The best sacred valley and Machu Picchu tour begin at 06:30 am when our team will pick you up from your hotel at Cusco. We will then take an hour-long bus while enjoying the passing landscape and then arrive at the Inca archeological remnants of PISAC.

Our famous sacred valley tour company will take you through several wonders at this site, including an irrigation system, an astronomical observatory, a solar clock and calendar (Intiwatana), and a cemetery. During our time here, you’ll have ample opportunity to wander around and get to learn more about its history.

Continuing on, we will then go on another 45-minute bus ride to get on to the stop of the tour, Ollantayambo. Here you’ll see a number of imposing ruins such as temples, astronomical observatories, terraces, and water fountains. Don’t worry, we will have time to walk around and explore this spectacular site on this tour.

The next stop explores the Misminay community, where we will be received by the locals with their unique music and dances, all in their traditional attires. This wonderful community of people will join us during our lunch, allowing you to get to know the community’s traditions and folklore.

After lunch, we will visit Moray, an archaeological site approximately 50 kilometers away from Cusco in the northwest direction. This site holds an impressive set of Incan ruins and concentric circular terraces dug several meters into the ground, which were used for experimental crops at different temperatures and humidity.

You’ll find yourself enthralled by the sights you see as you’ll get to gaze upon ruins almost 30 feet deep!

The last place to visit is Salineras de Maras, otherwise known as the Salineras salt mines. This wondrous place is known as the largest prehispanic salt mine in Peru and can be traced back to pre-Inca times. Our famous sacred valley tour company will take you through the stunning salt flats until it’s time to head back. This is where our guides will then take you to the Ollantayambo train station, where you’ll board the train to go back to Machu Picchu Town.


  • Professional English and Spanish speaking guide
  • Private transport
  • Pick and drop off at you Hotel
  • Lunch at Misminay Community


  • Tourist ticket 70 soles per person (this ticket allows you to visit Pisac Inca site, Ollantay tambo, Moray)
  • Entrance to salt mine 20 soles per person.
  • tips for our Guide


  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream
  • Sun glasses
  • Water to drink a liter
  • Original passports