Tour from Cusco – Condor Sighting in the Apurimac Canyon

a gliding Condor in a beautiful canyon

Cusco is known for its range of incredible tourist sites that keeps the city buzzing with tourists all around the year. Around half a million tourists visit Cusco every year, with Machu Picchu and the outskirts of the city the main attraction points. But, if you’re a bird lover or a passionate bird watcher—you may have something else in mind while visiting the city. Condor sighting must be at the top of your bucket list—and rightfully so, since this beautiful and the heaviest bird of the Andes is an endangered species and can hardly be spotted in open skies. So if you think you’re ready—it’s time you book yourself a life-changing experience of Condor Canyon tour.

Andean Condor—a Beautiful Part of Nature

Andean Condor is a stunning bird belonging to the family of World Vultures. It is enormous in size and distinct in behavior which distinguishes it from the rest of the members of its vulture family.

An Andean Condor can spread its wings up to 10 feet wide and is considered the world’s largest bird. A fully grown and healthy Andean Condor can stand at a surprising 1.2 meters and weigh up to 15 KGs.

The birds fly better in windy areas due to their weak flying skills and like to live in areas with the sea breeze. These birds are heavy in size and possess soft, velvety black feathers to cover the entirety of their skins.

Spot an Andean Condor in Apurimac Canyon

If you’re looking to spot a Condor during your trip to Cusco, Peru—then discuss the customization with your itinerary planner and make the trip to the Apurimac Canyon.

Apurimac Canyon is a deep canyon in Cusco, Peru. Along with its breathtaking views, it is also considered a natural habitat for the Andean Condors. Being the perfect conditions to support the needs of a Condor—this place homes several of these incredible birds.

Although they’re endangered with extinction, the Andean Condor is one of the longest-living creatures on this planet. Being considerably low in numbers now, these birds like to stay in isolated surroundings, and Apurimac Canyon is one of the very few places where they can be found in their natural habitat.

The Tour Guidelines

To spot Andean Condors flying and residing in their natural habitat, you need to make the trip to the Chonta village, situated by the Limatambo Valley in the Apurimac Canyon. You can reach the village easily by booking a full day Condor sighting tour in Cusco.

From there, it is an hour or two worth of hiking to reach the Apurimac Canyon. From this point, you can observe the heavy and incredible Andean Condors gliding with the wind to their destinations.

an Andean Condor spreading its wings

Let Experts Plan Your Condor Canyon Tour

We can fix the right itinerary for you to enjoy the soaring Andean Condors in their natural habitat. With Rainbow Mountain Expeditions, you can rest assured of a fulfilling Apurimac Canyon Tour.

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