5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting the Rainbow Mountain

a wide picture of the rainbow mountain under dark clouds

If you’re a regular user of Instagram or even Twitter, you might have seen or heard about Vinicunca Mountain, also known as the 7 colors Mountain. If it doesn’t ring a bell—try remembering if you’ve heard about a mountain that looks like a rainbow. The Rainbow Mountain is a beautiful addition to the travel books and bucket lists for travel enthusiasts worldwide. But why has it gotten so much hype all of a sudden? That’s because the mountain didn’t exist before 2013.

Where did they come from?

So how did these humongous yet fascinating bodies appear out of nowhere? The truth is—the mountains had always been there but concealed from the eyes as they were covered in blankets of snow and ice caps. Only recently—due to the drastic measures of climate change, the mountains appeared and took the social media by a storm.

Rainbow Mountains—Some Special Features

Rainbow Mountain is located 3 hours ways from the city of Cusco at an altitude of 5200 meters. The mountains comprise seven different colors made from different minerals, including sulphur, clay, magnesium, and several others.

If you’re planning a Rainbow Mountain tour—there are some things you need to consider before your adventure tour in Cusco. Following are some things you should know before visiting Rainbow Mountain:

Things to Consider before the Vinicunca Mountain Tour


The Trip Begins from Cusco

Like they say, “All good things have to be fought for”—the incredible tour to the mountain begins from the city of Cusco with a bus ride followed by a round trip trek of 9.3 odd miles. Although the new route made for buses may help save the time cutting the distance short to 4.3 miles by a vehicle—thought it wouldn’t be as magical as the trek.

The Weather may Change Quickly

It’s always an excellent idea to check the weather forecast before putting on your trekking shoes to reach Rainbow Mountain. Ideally, you should look for a clean and sunny day to experience the beauty of the mountains to their full potential.

If the weather is going to be wet, we suggest not wasting six hours worth of driving only to trek in muddy conditions.

Consider the Height

It’s essential to remember that the mountains are considerably high altitude. If you’ve arrived in Peru and went on trekking without mentally preparing yourself for 5200 meters above sea level, your body may show signs of fatigue and lack of energy.

Know what to Pack

As with any other hiking expedition—it is necessary to pack the essentials during the trek. Make your adventure trip look adventurous with the right gear, including proper hiking boots, a waterproof jacket, and sturdy pants.

Prepare for the Beautiful Views

Most importantly—you’re about to go and witness one of the top wonders of the world, so better go prepared on this life-changing adventure.

rainbow mountains covered in snow in the winter

Let an Expert Plan Your Rainbow Mountain Expeditions

Travelling on a personally made itinerary can be fun—but it can be frustrating as well with the chance of missing out on some of the cool extras.

At Rainbow Mountain Expeditions,  we are experienced travel enthusiasts who can plan a rainbow mountain trip for you to remember for a long, long time. Looking to personalize your trip? We’ll make suitable customizations for your perfect rainbow mountain private tour.

Contact us to learn more about our trips and services.

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