4 Practical Tips for Conquering the Salkantay Trek in Cusco


Of all the ways that take you to Machu Picchu, Salkantay Trek is the most famous pedestrian path, an alternative to the Inca Trail. It’s recently been featured among 25 of the best excursions in the world, with ecological diversity of flora and fauna. If you’re looking forward to this adventure on the Salkantay Trek, here are some practical tips to follow:

The last Incas

Keep a Drink Handy

Firstly, you should never head to the mountains without at least a liter and half of water. Secondly, you should keep the drink in hand, not in your backpack. You’ll want to hydrate with small drinks from time to time.

Small Steps

No, we aren’t recommending walking slowly; you should aim to keep a constant rhythm even when you reach an ascending slope. Doing so will keep you from the exhaustion of not knowing how much ascension is left. It’s best to wear comfortable footwear that offers a waterproof membrane for your Salkantay Trek to prevent loose stones from hitting your ankles, as well as overcome the kinking and humidity.

Walking Sticks

With the use of walking sticks, you should be able to remove the unwanted weight off your joints. They also offer additional stability and help remove plants in the way. It’s good practice to shorten the sticks on the climbs and lengthen them during the descent for maximum use on the mountains. Try to distribute the load of effort along the way to give your overloaded muscles a breather.

Dress Like an Onion

Layer, layers, and some more layers. Every person who has experienced mountain life will advise you to layer well. However, you want to use thin clothes made of technical fabric that dries quickly. They shouldn’t come too loose and be relatively tight; however, nothing that causes loss of mobility. Your backpack that goes on top should not only include shoulder straps, but also lower back and hip support to keep your posture intact on the climb.

The mountains in Peru

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